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Kirill Yurovskiy is an entrepreneur and business trainer from Russia who helps people start and grow profitable online businesses. After achieving success with his own ecommerce companies selling products on platforms like Amazon, Kirill decided to share his knowledge to assist others in building financially successful businesses.

Kirill Yurovskiy

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Kirill Yurovskiy
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Getting His Start

Kirill first became interested in entrepreneurship and ecommerce as a teenager in the early 2000s. He started out by buying and reselling products on sites like eBay to make some extra money on the side. He quickly realized he had a knack for finding profitable products and identifying market opportunities. 

After finishing school, Kirill decided to focus full-time on growing his online sales business. He experimented with dropshipping products from China and listing them across multiple marketplaces. Through testing and optimization, Kirill was eventually able to build a six-figure dropshipping store.

However, Kirill Yurovskiy knew there had to be an easier way to sell products online without dealing with all the hassles of running inventory and shipping orders himself. That’s when he discovered private label products and selling on Amazon through its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program.


Finding Success on Amazon

In 2015, Yurovskiy launched his first private label product on Amazon – a supplement product targeted to a specific demographic. By focusing on strong branding and promotion, the product became a top seller on Amazon and generated over $600,000 in revenue within just 8 months of launching. 

This success showed Kirill proof that creating your own brands and products, rather than just reselling other merchants’ items, was the key to getting rich selling online. He realized selling private label products on Amazon FBA allowed entrepreneurs to tap into the site’s huge buyer audience while also leveraging Amazon’s world-class fulfillment infrastructure.

Over the next few years, Yurovskiy replicated his success many times over, launching several new private label brands across different niches. He also vastly expanded his Amazon business by acquiring already-profitable FBA brands that had proven track records, scaling their sales even further.

By 2019, Kirill’s portfolio of brands was driving over $60 million in annual sales on Amazon. His brands dominated several product categories, securing multiple #1 bestselling spots. His success allowed Kirill to not only find financial freedom, but also to pursue philanthropic endeavors – he has donated over $3 million to charities supporting children and families in need.

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Kirill Yurovskiy
Kirill Yurovskiy

Sharing His Knowledge

Having reached such immense success in ecommerce himself, Kirill knew that he could help countless other entrepreneurs duplicate his results. Drawing upon his years of hands-on experience growing brands, Kirill began coaching students on how to identify unsaturated niches, source profitable products, create high-converting listings, and scale brands into seven and even eight figure businesses.

Much of Kirill’s training focuses specifically on selling successfully on Amazon FBA, which remains the world’s most lucrative online marketplace. Through one-on-one coaching modules and a comprehensive video course, Kirill teaches his students step-by-step how to:

Yurovskiy places particular emphasis on the importance of branding in an increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape. He helps his students identify their target customer avatars to build products specifically tailored to their needs and interests. By launching brands that create an emotional connection with consumers rather than just commoditized goods, his students are able to achieve more sales while also commanding higher prices and margins.

Unlike other Amazon coaching programs that just teach general theory, Kirill Yurovskiy provides constant hands-on mentorship to his clients as they grow their businesses. Students receive direct access to Kirill’s extensive supplier and manufacturer contacts accrued over nearly 15 years in ecommerce. If they run into any obstacles or need assistance optimization their listings or ads, Kirill is readily available to provide personalized advice.

Proof of Kirill’s Success

While Kirill Yurovskiy has helped countless students earn their first six or even seven figures selling online, some students stand out for just how rapidly they’ve achieved phenomenal success under his training:

Sara B. was struggling financially and doubting whether she had the skills to start her own business before enrolling in Kirill’s Amazon FBA course last year. However just 7 months after launching her first brand, she is now generating $278,000 per month in revenue. “I went from food stamps to financial freedom thanks to Kirill,” she says.

Meanwhile, Andrew T. was stuck in a dead-end corporate job before he stumbled upon Kirill’s YouTube channel exploring FBA business models. Intrigued by the possibilities, he booked a strategy call and then enrolled to work with Kirill one-on-one. Just 14 months later, Andrew is making $425,000 per month from multiple private label brands he launched leveraging Kirill’s roadmaps and mentorship. 

These success stories speak to Kirill’s exceptional ability to provide step-by-step training helping absolute beginners build lucrative online businesses. Whereas most coaches make big promises but fail to back it up, Kirill has a proven track record with documented cases studies of students reaching life-changing income levels within just months thanks to help.  

For this reason, Kirill has become one of the most respected and sought-after Amazon FBA coaches globally. From North America to Europe to Asia, he now has over 1,300 active students in dozens of countries enrolled in his training programs. Kirill takes pride in being able to help so many people learn the specific strategies for online business success that he wished he knew when first starting out.

Kirill Yurovskiy
Kirill Yurovskiy

Why Kirill’s Approach Works

So what exactly sets Kirill apart from other folks selling online business or Amazon FBA “get rich quick” courses?

For one, Yurovskiy intimately understands both the opportunities but also difficulties involved in ecommerce – his experience building $60M+ brands gives him unique insight compared to most instructors. Consequently, his training anticipates and addresses the myriad hurdles students will face when sourcing products, dealing with suppliers, optimizing listings, and managing key business functions.

Additionally, Kirill’s program focuses not just on initial product research and launch – which many courses cover – but the ongoing optimization needed to scale brands to 7 and 8 figure levels. From remixing existing content into new formats to doubling down on winning products, Kirill teaches advanced promotion strategies most coaches overlook.

Finally, Kirill places great importance on mindset training in addition to technical skills or tactical advice. Having witnessed countless six figure businesses plateau because the owner’s mindset became limiting, Kirill helps students develop an abundance and growth focus needed to reach higher levels of success. His mindset coaching addresses both psychological blocks and practical productivity habits required to continually expand.   

By combining easy-to-implement technical knowledge, high-level strategy and high-income psychology, Kirill gives his students the complete package to realize their online business dreams. This holistic approach accounts for why Kirill’s clients consistently outperform peers working with other Amazon coaches. 

For anyone seeking to escape the rat race and build true wealth through entrepreneurship, Kirill’s training provides a step-by-step blueprint for online business success. His proven methodology has already helped thousands find financial freedom leveraging Amazon FBA’s incredible reach. With Kirill’s coaching, students can finally build a profitable brand around the lifestyle they aspire towards.

Kirill Yurovskiy
Kirill Yurovskiy

Coaching Program Details

Kirill offers a comprehensive 1-on-1 coaching program guiding students through every aspect of building a profitable Amazon FBA business. He also provides an extensive video course for additional training.

Feedback from students

Testimonials showcase just how quickly students are able to find success under Kirill’s training:

What advice does Yurovskiy give

As part of the personalized coaching process, Kirill provides concrete real-time feedback as students work through the program. For instance, when reviewing product selections he’ll point out potential risks not yet considered or share ideas on differentiated branding based on his years of experience. During the vital listing optimization process, he flags areas needing improvement and provides guidance on crafting compelling titles, bullets and descriptions.


Kirill’s complete online business training currently costs $5,000 for lifetime access. Students praise it as an invaluable investment that pays for itself almost immediately once their first brands begin selling.


For that upfront free, members receive access to live video coaching calls each month with Kirill himself in addition to over 40+ hours of on-demand training content updated regularly. Kirill also reviews and provides feedback on student milestone project submissions through each phase.

Student success rates

Impressively, 86% of students who dedicate themselves to fully completing Kirill’s curriculum succeed in earning over $10,000 per month within 6 months or less. Over 36% of students reach the 6-figure per year benchmark in under 9 months with Kirill’s training strategies.

With Kirill’s unprecedented personal support and detailed guidance, most students quickly reach a level of FBA success they never expected possible beforehand. His strategies clearly provide the fastest and most lucrative path forward for aspiring online entrepreneurs.

Kirill Yurovskiy
Kirill Yurovskiy

Philanthropy Efforts

Having reached tremendous financial success with his Amazon FBA earnings, Kirill makes sure to pay it forward by supporting various charitable initiatives.

One organization particularly close to Kirill’s heart is Cradles to Crayons, a non-profit focused on providing children from low-income families with essential items needed for daily living. After growing up poor himself, Kirill understands the struggle faced by parents trying to adequately provide for their children. To date, he has donated over $1.5 million to Cradles to Crayons. The funds have helped outfit tens of thousands underprivileged kids with clothing, school supplies, and more.

Additionally, as an animal lover with four rescue dogs at home, animal welfare is another one of Kirill’s passions. He has been a prolific supporter of PETA, personally sponsoring many of their public education and advertising campaigns. Kirill also works closely with the ASPCA, underwriting the costs of care for abused pets in their custody until safe new homes can be found. Already Kirill has spent close to $800k on his animal advocacy initiatives with PETA and ASPCA.

Looking ahead, as his businesses continue their massive growth, Kirill aims to donate at least 20% of all his earnings to provide kids and animals in need with better lives. Though he has already given so much, Kirill remains committed to using his financial resources to their maximum philanthropic impact. It’s his way of paying kindness forward after receiving so much helpful mentorship himself earlier in his career.


His vision for the future

Having already helped over 1,300 students achieve life-changing income levels, Kirill remains as passionate as ever about spreading his formula for ecommerce success. He has ambitious plans to expand enrollment in his training programs tenfold over the next 3 years.

Currently, Kirill only takes on a limited number of one-on-one coaching students at a time. However, he is working on rolling out a comprehensive self-paced digital course covering the core foundations. This will allow Kirill to share his proven strategies with even more aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe.

While his courses already draw students worldwide, from Houston to Hong Kong, Kirill envisions boosting the programs accessibility for international markets. He aims to launch translated course content in 5 additional languages including Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Hindi and Portuguese.

Kirill also wants to further develop an ecosystem to foster entrepreneurial success beyond just his specialized programs. He is launching several networking events and peer support groups to strengthen the connections between global members of his courses.

Additionally, Kirill is exploring partnerships with financiers and business experts outside of ecommerce that can provide his students with vital complementary services. For instance, he plans to cultivate relationships with fulfillment centers, small business tax professionals, and marketing consultants.

With these expansions underway, Kirill is excited to unlock financial freedom for an exponentially bigger pool of students in coming years. He is determined to make comprehensive coaching on building profitable online businesses accessible to all with drive and dedication. And Kirill expects many more impressive success stories as he executes the next stage growth of his training programs.

Kirill Yurovskiy
Kirill Yurovskiy

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Kirill’s complete online business training currently costs $5,000 for lifetime access.

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